January 8, 2017

WWAJD About President Donald J. Trump?

The United States people have elected Donald J. Trump as their next President. This was quite a surprise, since God told so many other candidates that they were the ones who should be President. Apparently God has chosen a man to lead us that reflects the true nature of our Christian nation.

So What Would American Jesus Do About President Donald J. Trump?

The divorce rate of Jesus' nation is "great"
Divorce: Jesus condemned the practice of divorce (Matt. 19: 3-9; Mark 10: 11-2).  But among American Christian leaders divorce is quite frequent, and it is legal everywhere in this Christian nation, so American Jesus would probably embrace it. President Trump has been divorced twice. So of course American Jesus would find him to be the perfect leader of a Christian nation.

Immigration:  We all know that Jesus had the greatest sympathy for aliens and immigrants. Matthew 25:31-46; Romans 12:13. President Trump famously wants to build a wall with Mexico and prevent all Arabs from coming to the United States. These are the true principles of American Jesus and the Christian nation he has created.

Celebrating Jesus' Birth!
Christmas:  President Trump sent out a Christmas Card to supporters in December 2016. It did not include any reference or imagery relating to the birth of Jesus. So of course American Jesus would be proud of the new leader of his nation on Earth!

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