August 2, 2015

WWAJD About U.S. Presidential Elections?

On July 17,Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker announced his intention to run for president of the United States.  In a letter to supporters, Walker revealed that he must do so because God told him to. Indeed, as Walker clearly indicated, his decisions as president will be guided by God.

So, What Would American Jesus Do About U.S. Presidential Elections?

Clearly, American Jesus wants American voters to elect a President who will keep this country -- His country, founded by Him through pious and religious men (except the atheist Jefferson, of course) -- true to its Christian roots.  If Jesus told Scott Walker to run for President, then Jesus must want him to win.
Jesus Calls the Next Leader of
His Nation on Earth 

But don't get confused, because American Jesus apparently changes his mind a lot. Having John Kasich run for President was also apparently part of "God's plan."  As was telling Ben Carson to run. And Bobby Jindall.  And Mike Huckabee. And Rick Perry.

And don't forget Rick Santorum.  God's been sending him messages to run for President, too.

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