August 3, 2014

WWAJD About Protecting Our Nation's Borders?

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Rep. Steve King recently told the National Emergency Coalition that the U.S. needs to crack down on illegal immigration because our nation’s borders were established by God. Disrespecting the borders established by God, the congressman suggested, is disrespecting God’s will.  Citing Acts 17:22-31, Rep. King pointed out that God decided "when and where" each nation should be.   

So, What Would American Jesus Do About Protecting Our Nation's Borders?

The Borders God Established
in 1789 Must Be Protected
We can all agree with Rep. King that "God shaped this country with the Founding Fathers, whom he moved around like men on a chess board to build this nation."  We must remain true to God's will. We must abandon all attempts to subvert, alter, or corrupt God's vision, made so clear to the world in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  We must therefore protect and return to the borders God established in 1789.  If Congress would just build a ten-foot border wall around the original 13 states, that should do the job of keeping the Central American children invaders out of "God's country."  That way they can stay in Texas for as long as they want, and the borders God inspired the Founding Fathers to establish for us would remain inviolate. 

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