March 10, 2013

WWAJD About Transgender Students?

The Massachusetts Department of Education has issued new rules on how transgender students are to be treated in schools. It felt the new rules were necessary to insure compliance with the state's law that protects transgender people from acts of discrimination. The DOE believed that ‘‘These students, because of widespread misunderstanding and lack of knowledge about their lives, are at a higher risk for peer ostracism, victimization, and bullying.’’  But Kris Mineau, President of the Massachusetts Family Institute, claims the new policy puts students -- particularly girls -- in harm's way. Because the new rules will allow girls' bathrooms to be open to transgender girls, there is a threat to safety. Some Christians see the new directive as inspired by the devil in an attempt to "wreak havoc" on fundamental institutions of our society.

So, What Would American Jesus Do About Transgender Students?

As we have noted previously, historical Jesus did not give us much guidance on gender identity, sexual orientation, transgender, or biology in general. He was more concerned about adultery (Matt. 15:19) and not eating meat of strangled animals (Acts 15:29) -- both of which should be made illegal if we are to be a truly Christian nation.

Transgenders Like Chaz Bono
Should Pee in the Women's
Restroom, Because He Was
Born Female.
I'm not so sure about Richard
But as sound public policy, American Jesus would not quibble with Kris Mineau's worries. Transgender girls who are now allowed to use girls' bathrooms could become a huge safety issue in the end days to come. The sheer volume of such students in the state of Massachusetts -- maybe as many as ten -- could result in hundreds or thousands of assaults, or whatever transgender girls do in bathrooms shared with other girls. If our government institutions, our teachers, and our children are required by law to treat transgender students in a certain way, there is a real risk they will eventually be accepted into our society as equals, maybe just like gays, people with disabilities, and other groups. As Pat Robertson has told us, such notions of equality are just tools of the devil.

There should be no integration of students who are of different genders. The Massachusetts Department of Education should rescind these rules requiring equal treatment, and issue new ones that require teachers and students to treat everyone differently based on their gender -- just like Jesus did. 

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