March 3, 2013

WWAJD About Guns in Schools?

American School Children
Have Used Guns to Protect
Teachers in the Past
recent interview of Wallbuilders' David Barton has sparked some controversy about guns in schools. David Barton, of course, is a hero of this blog, for he is a strong strong advocate of the view that Jesus formed the United States as a Christian nation

Anyway, Barton put forth a strong defense of the Second Amendment by citing examples of our Founding Fathers who urged training on the use of guns at an early age.  John Quincy Adams, for example, while serving as an ambassador to Russia insisted that his brother Thomas teach John's sons "in the use and management of firearms" -- a training too often withheld "when children are under the direction of ladies."

This Founding Father
Loved Guns
In addition, Thomas Jefferson advised his nephew to take up guns as a form of exercise, and to stay away from games played with a ball, because the latter are too violent and cannot be used to build character like a gun. Building on this original intent approach, Barton cites an incident in a Louis L'Amour novel set in the Old West in which school children drew their guns at a schoolhouse in order to protect their teacher from a potential shooter.

So What Would American Jesus Do About Guns in Schools?

We all know that there were no guns in Jesus' time. But they did have swords and knives, weapons which Jesus' followers used to protect him in the Garden against the Romans (John 18:10).  So we can assume that Jesus would oppose any form of gun control.

We also know that Jesus supports the responsible teaching of children in schools, such as creationism.  So one must conclude that American Jesus would support the teaching of responsible gun use in elementary schools, just as the Founding Fathers espoused.

A Second Amendment Class
in Milwaukee
Barton's logic is impeccable and irrefutable -- because the United States was formed as a Christian nation, and because the Founding Fathers were inspired by God, and because they favored responsible gun training of our nation's youth, and because schoolchildren with guns saved their teacher in a Louis L'Amour novel, then American Jesus would support requiring children to carry guns to school. So long, of course, as they are not under the direction of ladies. Or allowed to play dodgeball.

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