March 24, 2013

WWAJD About Environmentalists?

Pat Robertson Has Strong
Views About the EPA
Pat Robertson of the Christian Broadcasting Network has made an impassioned plea to get the Environmental Protection Agency "under control." Pointing out that the EPA is being run by "doctrinaire leftists" who ignore the mandates of Congress, Robertson decries the fact that the EPA "makes the rules" about environmental protection which is resulting in "a battle against American industry," especially fossil fuels. The EPA wants "a pastoral rule kind of existence," and a "couple of billion people around the world will die from starvation because of it."

Robertson has previously criticized environmentalists as being "religiously fanatic" about protecting the environment and not caring about jobs or the economic well being of the community. Other Christian evangelicals have pointed out how environmentalists trample on people's rights to life, liberty, and property.

So What Would American Jesus Do About Environmentalists?

We all know the Old Testament teaches that God gave us dominion over the Earth (Genesis 1:28). We also know that historical Jesus fully endorsed the killing of birds (Matt. 10:29) and prohibited the worship of other animals except horses.  

These Children Will Starve if
the EPA Adopts Fracking Rules
So there is no way that American Jesus would allow birds, animals, and the environment generally to be worshipped like the religious fanatics at the EPA want to do.  As Robertson so convincingly demonstrates, a truly Christian nation would put the economic interests of its large corporations of industry, especially those making profits from fossil fuel extraction and burning, over the "pastoral rule" of environmentalists. Robertson's logic is irrefutable -- if the EPA is allowed to continue making rules to protect air and water quality in the U.S., over one-fourth ("a couple billion") of the world's population will starve to death.  But if we as a Christian nation would just exercise dominion over nature, then world hunger would be eliminated.

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