January 27, 2013

WWAJD About Women in Combat?

Dangerous Women With Guns
This week Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta lifted restrictions on placing women in combat positions in U.S. military services.  Whereas previously women were prohibited from fighting on the front lines, now they will be able to engage in combat to the same extent as men.  But the Family Research Council's Executive Vice President General Jerry Boykin says that the people making this decision are doing so "as part of another social experiment." According to Boykin, the integration of the genders in combat units "places additional and unnecessary burdens on leaders at all levels."

So, What Would American Jesus Do About Women in Combat?

What Happens When Women
and Armed Soldiers Meet
Everyone knows that the historical Jesus left no teachings concerning women as a class of people.  He also did not have much to say about military tactics or preparedness. But he would never approve of integrating the genders into places that would result in putting new burdens on leaders.  Leaders should never have to deal with additional burdens. Just think of the chaos if women could be priests in the Catholic Church?! And Jesus would never be part of a "social experiment." The whole purpose of Jesus coming to Earth was to maintain the status quo, and to prevent any change from taking place that would be new or different. So I think American Jesus would not favor this change in military policy. To the contrary, women should continue to serve under their leaders in traditional Christian positions.

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  1. You've got the pretty well covered, and incitefully. Makes me want to bring out my point. Ahem. There's no Biblical prohibition of the women CHANGING their positions so long as they move from one traditional station to another equally servicing position -- under, of course, their Christian leaders hip. Jesus likes a little variety.