January 20, 2013

WWAJD About Gun Control?

Jesus Loves His
Second Amendment
President Obama has outlined a new set of initiatives to regulate the sale and possession of firearms, especially semi-automatic weapons and high capacity ammunication clips capable of firing dozens of rounds per second.  The President claims the country needs to reduce the opportunity for ordinary citizens to commit mass killings, but California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly believes that God wants Americans to own weapons. According to Donnelly, firearms are “essential to living the way God intended.”

So, What Would American Jesus Do About Gun Control?

Certainly American Jesus would agree with Assemblyman Donnelly and oppose any effort by His Christian government to restrict the free flow of deadly weapons into the hands of faithful followers.  Jesus inspired the writing of the Constitution of this great nation, including the Second Amendment after it was foolishly omitted by our Christian forefathers from the original Constitution.  Left-leaning liberals claim Jesus preached non-violence in all aspects of life, but more more sophisticated religious scholars have proved that there is an exception in the case of self-defense and deer hunting.

Guns and Your Bible Come From Jesus
For example, Jesus urged followers to arm themselves with swords (Luke22:35-38).  Surely he would have had them buy semi-automatic pistols if they had been invented yet.  And if Peter had access to a semi-automatic weapon instead of only a knife in the garden (John 18:10), maybe he could have prevented Jesus' arrest and eventual death, thereby saving the entire Christian religion.  

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