September 2, 2011

WWAJD About the U.S. Constitution?

He would write it!  This -- the greatest American painting EVER -- represents the fundamental premise of the What Would American Jesus Do blog.  The U.S. is a Christian nation ("One Nation Under God") founded by patriotic Christians and inspired by the Christian faith, and every public government policy has to be judged in Christian terms.  Artist Jon McNaughton ("America's Most Patriotic Artist") shows that "God is the source of our country's greatness and its blessings."
Jesus Gives Us the Original U.S. Constitution
(including slavery, but not the Bill of Rights)

So, What Would American Jesus Do With This Painting?

American Jesus would buy this representation of his role in the founding of our country (for only $29.95 + s/h) and hang it in both his Church and his public office, hopefully both the same place.  But certainly not with National Endowment for the Arts money, which would be wasteful.


  1. This is hilarious. You do know that this actually is NOT a Christian nation? "One Nation, Under God..." was added to the pledge in 1954, amongst heavy controversy. It defies the First Amendment explicitly as well as my second point. Our official de facto motto in the United States until 1956 was "E pluribus unum" (i.e., "out of many, one"). But bible thumping gorillas thought they knew better. Do you also forget that the United States is based upon ancient Greek and Roman principles and not anything related to Christ? Also, did you know that the Christ figure is himself based upon a combination of many other ancient nation's myths and religions? Perhaps History is not your strong point, or Philosophy for that matter. It's a shame to see our country run amok by those who disrespect the fundamental tenants of our Constitution and what it represents. But, like the rest of them, I'm sure you'll repudiate all evidence that runs contrary to your faith based belief system. Do you truly believe that the United States ought to be a theocracy? Can you tell me a single time in history where that has been a benefit rather than a disease upon a society? It certainly didn't work during the "dark ages" during the Catholic church's reign, and it certainly did not work during the Muslim reign. As a matter of fact, simply look at the state of affairs of any Muslim state. Good day.

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