August 18, 2011

WWAJD About the Tea Party?

Unbeknownst to all of us, it comes as a complete surprise that the Tea Party "seeks deeply religious elected officials, approve of religious leaders engaging in politics, and want religion brought into political debates."  According to a study conducted by two reputable scholars from Harvard and the University of Notre Dame, members of the Tea Party "are more concerned about putting God in government" than they are about smaller government.

So, What Would American Jesus Do About the Tea Party?

Well, finally, we have a political movement that thinks just like American Jesus.   Of course American Jesus would join up with the Tea Party and support its goal of merging church and state.  Most of Jesus' gospel teaching was devoted to electing leaders into political office who supported his social and economic views.  [NT citations needed]  He was a strong supporter of using government as a means of establishing his Kingdom on Earth.  Why else was the United States founded as a Christian nation?  Many of our political leaders have revealed that their election was a gift from God

What this nation needs is a Tea Party President.  With someone like Texas Governor Rick Perry, we can finally institute a National Day of Christian Prayer.  Or maybe Michelle Bachmann, so we can pray away the gay.   Or any candidate who will protect our rights as gun owners.  These are the fundamental principles of Jesus' political/religious Gospel, and that American Jesus would want his candidates to endorse. 


  1. You are either a brilliant satirist or an idiot. I'm leaning toward the former.

  2. LMTCO! (laughing my thorny crown off)

    - American Jesus

  3. Wow... you're serious

    Please excuse my laughing my thorny crown off

    - American Jesus (by the way, xbox is awesome!)