February 6, 2011

WWAJD About Federal Spending Cuts?

There is a lot of chatter today among politicians about cutting federal spending.  Since over 35% of federal spending is for health and welfare programs, making sizable cuts in the federal budget would have to cut benefits in programs like Medicare and Medicaid and other social programs.  Since the United States was founded as a Christian nation, this raises an interesting question:

WWAJD About Federal Spending Cuts?

Everyone knows that Jesus was rich.  He was given gold and other expensive gifts at birth (Matthew 2:11), enough to sustain an organization of disciples that eventually reached as many as 84 (Luke 10:1).  According to his disciples, he had at least enough money in his treasury to feed 5000 people (Mark 6:37).  He liked to spread his money around.

The U.S. Should
Spend Money Like Jesus
So I think American Jesus would vigorously oppose any spending cuts in the federal budget.  Quite the opposite, American Jesus would spend like a profligate, especially on health and welfare programs, his favorite thing to spend money on.  We already know that American Jesus is in favor of paying taxes, so if more raising taxes is necessary, so be it.

However, I'm not so sure about reducing spending on the military budget.  Jesus didn't spend any money on an army, so maybe those who want spending cuts would be in favor of getting rid of the Department of Defense, which would eliminate the spending deficit entirely.

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  1. Jesus never advocated government spending, or using the government to force anybody to fund charity work. American Jesus would inform Americans that the solution to their problems lie within helping themselves, and each other... VOLUNTARILY. Nowhere in the gospels do we find Jesus informing people that they may have a procession of illegitimate children with a variety of irresponsible sex partners, and then rely on the government to take money from responsible people around the nation, to feed, cloth, house, and educate the illegitimate children. The key to reducing poverty and the "income gap" and "wealth gap" is for people to follow the teachings of Christ: have all children within marriage, attend church weakly as a family, live frugally and responsibly, help others, etc. The employment of government force to take money from the responsible and hand over to the irresponsible is not Christian; it is a relatively recent concept that is actually anti-Christian.