February 4, 2011

WWAJD About Taxpayer Funding of the Education of Preachers

Virginia Legislators Would Like to Pay
for You to Get a Degree in Jesus
Republicans in the Virginia House of (Christian) Representatives have advanced a proposal to allow the state legislature to provide loans and grants to students attending theological schools and seminaries in Virginia if the student is an approved candidate for the chaplaincy in any branch of the armed services (including the National Guard).  This would allow Virginia citizens to subsidize the education of an army of pulpiteers into the armed forces.

 Some groups oppose the measure because it would "create the precise ill that Thomas Jefferson and James Madison remedied long ago – taxing all Virginians to pay for particular faiths’ religious instruction." 

So, WWAJD About Taxpayer Funding of the Education of Preachers?  

Jesus Could Not Get
Funding from Rome

I think American Jesus would be in favor of using tax dollars to fund his disciples.  It certainly would have made Jesus' ministry easier if the Roman government had paid for his education.  He tried to get the government to finance his education so he would not have to depend on his friends and family.  But he could not make the sale to the senators in Rome.  (It's always the Senate that impedes progress.) 

He especially would favor the proposal in Virginia, more so than in some other states.  This is because all the theological schools and seminaries in Virginia are Christian.  According to the U.S. Department of Education, there are no non-Christian religious colleges or universities in Virginia.  So all the public money for the education of religious in Virginia would go to support Christian universities and colleges, and the benefitting students would all be trained in the Christian religion.  It's a win-win for American Jesus!

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