December 31, 2010

WWAJD About Environmental Protection?

Kasich wants to exploit God's creation

Newly elected Governor of Ohio John Kasich has announced his appointments to head the state departments of environmental protection and natural resources, who will be "good for business."  Kasich hopes to exploit the wonders of Ohio.  Environmentalists claim to be wary that under Kasich the state might rollback what few environmental protections Ohio has.

So, WWAJD About Environmental Protection?    

American Jesus certainly would want us to exploit nature to the fullest. Did he not give us "dominion" over all of creation?  (Genesis 1:26-28) All things created by God have no intrinsic value other than how they might benefit humanity.  God cursed the earth because of man's sin, implying that much of what we find in nature untouched by human hands is not good and should be improved. We all know the dangers of environmentalism

Kasich's plan is good not only for Ohioans, but also the entire region.  Present and future generations of Ohioans will benefit so much from the good business generated by the exploitation of Ohio's resources, they will have extra vacation money to visit the natural wonders of neighboring states.  Which is where they will have to go if they enjoy such things. 

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