December 28, 2010

December 28, 2010: WWAJD About Medicare Paying for End-of-Life Health Care Planning?

              Word on the street is that the Obama Administration is going to allow Medicare to pay doctors for giving advice to their patients on their end-of-life health options, which may include advance directives to forgo aggressive life-sustaining treatment.  This is the same kind of proposal that was dropped from the Obamacare Health Plan because of the controversy that physicians would form so-called “death panels” to decide to cut off care for the critically ill.
But everyone knows that “advance care health planning” will inevitably lead to assisted suicide.  As explained by Elizabeth D. Wickham, executive director of Life Tree, a pro-life Christian educational ministry, end-of-life counseling would encourage patients to forgo or curtail care, thus hastening death. “The infamous Section 1233 is still alive and kicking,” Ms. Wickham said. “Patients will lose the ability to control treatments at the end of life.”
So, WWAJD About Medicare Paying for End-of-Life Health Care Planning?
Our tax dollars should not be paying for any kind of counseling that would encourage people to make health care choices that would alleviate their suffering and accelerate death.  Romans 5:3 teaches that suffering produces perseverance, so Jesus wants us to suffer so that we can persevere to suffer even more.  God gives purpose to life even to the end.  Only Jesus knows what is best for each of us, and his timing in the matter of one's suffering and death is perfect.  A Christian government would not pay a single penny to any program, including Medicare, that seeks to alleviate suffering near the end of one's life.  A Christian government would not pay a single penny to any program that allows death to come earlier than God’s natural law intends.  Except for capital punishment -- that's okay.

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