December 15, 2010

December 15, 2010: WWAJD About the ACLU?

                Apparently the ACLU doesn’t believe that our American schools should celebrate the birth of Jesus.  The Tennessee Chapter of the ACLU wrote a letter to 137 school superintendents throughout the state, warning them not to focus on one religious holiday like Christmas, and claiming that such actions would constitute the unconstitutional endorsement of religion. The ACLU’s letter said, "Holiday celebrations that focus primarily on one religious holiday can result in indoctrination as well as a sense within students who do not share that religion of being outsiders to the school."  
                So What Would American Jesus Do?
                I think American Jesus would want the ACLU to back off.  He would want American school children to celebrate his birthday.  “Let the little children come to me,” he said.  (Matthew 19:13)  Jesus would want his birthday to be celebrated in our schools because he is the God and Savior of this great nation.    He also liked a good party celebration.  (John 2:1-10) 
Jesus would have liked it if the Roman government had embraced his teachings and shared those teachings with its citizens.   If the children of Rome were taught the Sermon on the Mount by the Emperor’s ministers, for example, they probably would not have burned in Hell as pagan god worshippers.  It should be the job of our government to celebrate and to teach our children about Jesus, because our nation was founded on Christian values.   Not only should our schools be allowed to focus on Christmas, but so should all branches of government, like the courts and other public agencies.  The prisons, for example, could have prisoners give gifts to each other around Christmas time in celebration of Jesus’ birthday.   That should also make the ACLU happy, since they are big on prisoners’ rights, too.

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