December 13, 2010

December 13, 2010: WWAJD About Mandatory Health Insurance and Universal Health Care?

                I saw in the news today that a federal judge has declared a part of Obama's health care law unconstitutional.  Many health insurance companies and politicians oppose the law because they believe the Congress that passed it overstepped its lawful bounds as constrained by the constitution.  The judge agreed, saying that the law infringes on a person’s unbridled right to choose whether to buy health insurance. 

                So, What Would American Jesus Do?
                Jesus had a lot to say about taking care of the sick and the poor.  (Matthew 25:36)  He healed the sick and weak himself.  (Matthew 4: 14-17; Matthew 4:23)  We are to “go and do the same” as the Good Samaritan, who provided medical care to an injured stranger.  (Luke 10:28-37)  But of course Jesus was not a socialist. He would not want a medical welfare system.  The good Samaritan was not a government worker.  He was a free individual, and made his own choice to help the sick man.  He was not compelled to do so by the Roman government.  Freedom of choice is a fundamental cornerstone of Christian belief, and American Jesus wants each of us, even the poor and the sick, to be able to choose whether to buy insurance.
                I just hope other courts see the wisdom of this judge’s reasoning.  Hopefully his rationale will eventually be extended to mandatory auto insurance, where we don’t have any choice in the matter, as well as mandatory payroll taxes that finance Medicaid and Medicare.   That way the government would not require any of us to pay for the good health and safety of our fellow citizens, and we would all be free to choose to be sick and poor.

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